Report: Jared Kushner Lacks Clearance to View Most Sensitive Information

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner does not have the clearance to view the country’s most sensitive information despite his high-ranking role in the White House, sources told The Washington Post. Kushner, who is also the husband of the president’s daughter and fellow adviser Ivanka Trump, had a higher security clearance during the first months of the administration, when he had an interim clearance. Now he only possesses a permanent “top secret” level of clearance—which does not permit him to view “sensitive compartmented information,” or SCI. SCI includes information from “U.S. intelligence sources and surveillance methods,” and Kusher’s lack of clearance has precluded him from viewing certain parts of the president’s daily brief. The CIA, which determines who has access to SCI, did not comment on why Kushner was not approved or whether it was related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Kushner has been the president’s point person for Middle East affairs, and security experts told the newspaper that his lack of access would “severely hamper his ability to do his job.”