Sex Fetish May Have Killed Marine’s Wife

An investigation into the murder of a Marine’s wife has led detectives to a “sex dungeon” belonging to three roommates with fetishes that involve “bondage-type sex apparatuses, toys, and tools.” Investigators suspect that the roommates’ sought out Brittany Killgore to participate in their “unusual sexual fetishes” that ultimately ended in her death. Killgore went missing on April 13, just days after filing for divorce from her husband, who was serving in Afghanistan. Investigators now believe that the 22-year-old was with all three suspects at their home north of San Diego when she sent a text message to a friend that read “Help.” One of the suspects, Jessica Lopez, admitted to strangling Killgore out of fear that she would ruin the “master, servant, slave role playing” they had going on by seducing her “Master.” Lopez said she was jealous that Killgore had a “whole night planned” with the suspect Lopez refers to as her “Master.” According to a seven-page letter written by Lopez, when Killgore came over, she shot her with a stun gun, tied a rope around her neck, and strangled her while burying her face in a pillow. She even tried to “chop her up” with power tools. “She barely moved but she just wouldn’t die, the miserable whore,” the letter says.