Stan Lee’s Ex-Business Partner Charged With Elder Abuse

Stan Lee’s former business partner and friend reportedly has been charged with several counts of elder abuse nearly a year after Lee’s attorneys claimed he mishandled the late Marvel Comics leader’s money and tried to isolate him. The Los Angeles Superior Court online docket shows Keya Morgan was charged Friday with five criminal counts of elder abuse, including “the false imprisonment of an elder or a dependent adult by the use of violence, menace, fraud, or deceit”— but does not indicate who the alleged victim is. But as TMZ noted, Lee’s attorneys requested a restraining order against Morgan last year, claiming he mishandled over $5 million of Lee's cash and inflicted “severe physical and emotional injuries.” Lee’s lawyers also accused Morgan of attempting to isolate Lee from his family and moving him to an undisclosed location. The judge reportedly granted Lee the restraining order months before he died in November.

On his Twitter account Monday, after TMZ’s report, Morgan claimed the media “lies and exaggerates to make money[.]” “It’s 2019 people, not 1950s,” he wrote. “The more they lie, the more money and attention they get. Don’t believe anything you read or see, unless your name is stupid.”