Stockman Says "Read The Daily Beast"

The controversial Texas congressman who ran a peculiar Senate campaign endorsed The Daily Beast Friday.

What’s the biggest lesson that Steve Stockman learned from his losing campaign to become the Republican nominee for US Senate in Texas?

“Read The Daily Beast!”

After months of the communications director for the Texas Congressman refusing to respond to The Daily Beast or almost any other reporter----the one time the campaign made an exception, it ended up lying about that journalist to raise money----Stockman was finally located and talked to The Daily Beast on Radio Row at CPAC.

After a radio interview, The Daily Beast cornered the Texas Congressman, who lost overwhelmingly in Tuesday’s Republican primary against incumbent John Cornyn. He was jocular in his brief conversation, starting off by saying “if The Daily Beast could get behind me we would have won the election”

Stockman insisted that “I campaigned more than George P Bush did” and bragged that he got more votes than Jerry Patterson, the incumbent Land Commissioner who lost a four way race for Lieutenant Governor after spending $4 million.

The Texas congressman, who was looking somewhat disheveled in a brown jumper over a white collared shirt, seemed to be totally unaware of any of the multitude of issues with his campaign. It was as if the wave of negative coverage about his lack of campaigning, his peculiar disappearance for two weeks or his dishonest campaign literature never reached him.

If only Stockman had followed his own advice and “read The Daily Beast.”