Texas Mom Says Gunman Who Killed Her 7-Year-Old Opened Fire Without Warning

As police hunt for the gunman who opened fire on a Houston family’s car, killing a 7-year-old girl, the slain child’s mother is sharing details of the Sunday morning ambush. LaPorsha Washington told ABC13 that she and her kids were on their way to a coffee shop when a red pickup truck pulled up alongside them. “As I turned around and looked back at the street, I heard shots start firing and they came through my window, broke my glass, and hit me in my arm. They sped off in front of us and the truck slowed down and continued to fire as he was in front of us,” Washington said from the hospital where she is being treated for gunshot wounds. “It was not fair. It was not fair. He intentionally killed my child for no reason. He didn’t even know her, he didn’t know who she was.” One of her other daughters alerted Washington that Jazmine was hurt. “She said, ‘Momma, Jazmine’s not moving. She’s not talking.’ I turned around and my 7-year-old was shot in the head.” Police have described the gunman as a white bearded man in a hoodie and said they don’t know what the motive was.