Coming Clean

Tiger Takes Questions at the Masters

Tiger Woods survived his first test at the Masters—and the tournament hasn’t even begun. Without ever discussing the details of his numerous affairs, Tiger fielded numerous questions at Augusta National on Monday. The most pointed questions were about his reported abuse of drugs like Vicodin and Ambien and his appointments with a doctor who is now being investigated for selling athletes illegal HGH and PEDs. Woods admitted to taking Vicodin and Ambien but said he used them for medical purposes—an injured knee and then to help him sleep after his father’s death. He also said that he only visited the legally challenged doctor for Platlet Rich Plasma treatments, which are legal. What can we expect from him on the golf course? Woods said he’ll be calmer as he tries to “tone down my negative outburst and consequently I’m sure my positive outburst will be calmed down as well.” He also said he will try harder to “be respectful of the game” and “acknowledge the fans,” something he says “I haven’t done for the past few years.”