Vice President Joe Biden: ‘Grow Up, Donald’

Asked by PBS NewsHour host Judy Woodruff how Democrats should deal with the “new reality” in which soon-to-be-President Trump tweets insults at President Obama and “head clown” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Vice President Joe Biden said, “Grow up, Donald. Grow up. Time to be an adult. You’re president. You’ve got to do something. Show us what you have.” He added, “It’s going to be much clearer what he’s for and against and what we’re for and against now that it’s going to get down to actually discussing in detail these issues that affect peoples’ lives.”

In the same interview, Biden urged Democrats not to follow Republicans in refusing to give Trump’s Supreme Court nominee a hearing or vote. “I think the Democrats should not take up what I think is a fundamentally unconstitutional notion that the Republicans initiated 10 months ago,” Biden said. “I think they should see who they nominate and vote on them.”