Virginia Beach Victim Ryan Keith Cox Died Saving Others

As tributes pour in for the 12 victims of last Friday’s deadly Virginia Beach massacre, one really stands out. Several people have expressed how one of the victims, Ryan Keith Cox, who had worked for the city since 2006, stepped up to save lives. Survivor Christi Dewar told Virginia Beach news outlet Pilot Online how Cox stopped her and a group of colleagues who were running straight into the shooter’s firing range. “If at all possible, I knew he was going to lead us to safety,” Dewar said. “We felt safe. He stayed calm. He didn’t have any anxious thought in his voice.” Cox then apparently told the group to barricade themselves into an office, which they did. When Dewar told Cox to join them, he refused. “He said, ‘I’ve got to see if anybody else needs help,’” Dewar said. A few moments later, the shooter tried to get into the barricaded door, shooting randomly through it. “Then the next shot we heard is I guess when he found Keith,” she said. A short time later, police rescued the group and saw Cox in a pool of his own blood about 10 feet away.