Gun Violence

What Gun Use Looks Like in the Real World

School shootings are rare. Gun use against violent intruders is also rare.

The real world of American gun use looks more like this:

You buy the gun to protect your home and family. But one day, your wife gets sassy. Maybe you've had a drink or two. And then … bang.

A Columbia [Tennessee] man accidentally shot himself in the knee while drawing a gun during a domestic dispute with his wife and was jailed four days later after being treated for the injury, according to an incident report.

Randall Floyd Lovett, 60, 694 Mt. Olivet Road, was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated assault after things “went crazy” — his own words to deputies — while arguing with his wife shortly before midnight April 4. …

Sarena Lovett, 55, told deputies she and her husband had been arguing “and he had shoved her around,” the report said. “Mr. Lovett sat on the couch so she stood in front of him and leaned over toward him while they continued to argue.

“Mrs. Lovett says that Mr. Lovett reached across his body with his right hand and stuck it down into an armrest on his left side,” the report continued. “As he was pulling his hand out of the armrest, Mrs. Lovett saw the gun and it immediately discharged into his left knee.”

Before calling 911, Sarena Lovett took the gun — a Smith & Wesson .38-caliber — and locked it in a bedroom, deputies reported.