Guess Who?

Who’s the RNC Mystery Speaker?

Rumors are flying over who might be tonight’s unannounced guest at the RNC. We asked our Twitter followers to guess who.


Is it Clint Eastwood? A hologram of Ronald Reagan? Or maybe it's his wife, Nancy, who will show up as tonight's mystery guest? Rumors are flying over the "to be announced" open slot on the Republican National Convention's schedule, and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus isn't showing anyone his cards. The Romney team's lips are sealed too.

So we asked our Twitter followers who they think will show up at the podium. Perhaps inspired by “Hologram Tupac,”—the image of the deceased rapper that appeared at Coachella Music Festival earlier this year—hopes are running high for a zombie Reagan. See who else made the list.

Others hope for a real, living human being, like Clint Eastwood, who's the frontrunner of the moment.

And of course, there were jokes. Lots and lots and lots of jokes.

See all our readers' responses on Twitter--and add your own. The hashtag is #RNCSurprise.