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Wikipedia Hints at Veep Pick?

Are you just dying to know whom Mitt Romney will pick as his running mate for the presidential election? You could download the Romney campaign’s mobile app and wait around to be one of the first to hear the news. But why wait for the announcement when you could predict it? Take a look at the potential running mates’ Wikipedia pages for clues. Back in 2008, Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia page was rife with changes and updates just hours before John McCain announced that she’d be his running mate. The same thing happened when then-candidate Barack Obama made Joe Biden his official pick. Just Tuesday, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman’s Wikipedia page has been updated 16 times. Nine changes have been made to freshman favorite from Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s page. Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty’s page has been altered four times Tuesday. Changes have been made over the past week to Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s page, as well as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s; New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s pages have not been updated since late July.