Musical Interlude

You Can't Write a Country Song About the Deficit—David Frum

Here is a catchy tune that sisters Haley and Camille Harris have composed for Rick Santorum in advance of today's southern primaries.

It also reveals something about what Santorum's voters want. Here's the first stanza:

“Game on, join the fight/We’ve finally got a man who will stand for what is right/There is hope for our nation again/Maybe the first time since we had Ronald Reagan/There will be justice for the unborn, factories back on our shores/Where the Constitution rules our land/Yes, I believe Rick Santorum is our man”

The line about factories recurs in all the next verses too.

The yearning for a return for jobs that pay middle-class wages to non-professional workers—it's one of the deep themes of this election. It matters a lot more than the fiscal politics of debt, deficits, and taxes. The Harris sisters know it. Wish more candidates did.