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Is Prince Harry Cursed?

Once again, Harry seems to be bringing bad luck to his team

Whilst the presence of Prince Harry on the latest Walking With The Wounded Trip – a trek to the South Pole which finally got underway yesterday – has undoubtedly been a remarkable boost for the charity’s fundraising and profile, it seems that, not for the first time, the support of the Prince comes at a price.


2013 WWTW

The first hint that Harry might in fact be something of a bad luck charm came when the three teams of wounded servicemen racing to the South Pole - UK, US and Commonwealth - tossed a series of coins to decide who chose their staring point first. Harry's team lost.

Indeed, some are now talking of the curse of Prince Harry, after this latest expedition has become mired in the kinds of problems and setbacks that seem to dog all the Prince’s practical efforts to help the charity. Yesterday the teams  finally set off on the actual trek to the South Pole, almost ten days behind schedule and with the organizers having been forced to shorten the race by 20% to allow the teams a decent shot of completing the challenge and getting home in time for Christmas.


Harry in The South Pole

Harry and teams land at final camp

Harry and the rest of the lads attempting to walk to the South Pole have now landed at their finals camp before the walk begins - and Walking With The Wounded have managed to ping a few images back by their satellite comms.


The beard's looking better than ever


Dominic West looks forward to a 'yummy' lunch

Poles Apart

Harry & William: Polar Opposites

If clean-shaven William is a new man, then his bearded brother Harry is 100% unreconstructed bloke.

Reprinted from The Telegraph

It’s always slightly disconcerting when you meet two brothers who are totally opposite in outlook and character. But two men who illustrate very publicly that shared parentage need not result in a shared nature are Prince William and Prince Harry.

Princes Harry and William

Prince Harry and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, talk with Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor as they attend a requiem mass for Hugh van Cutsem who passed away on September 2nd 2013, at Brentwood Cathedral on September 11, 2013 in Brentwood, England. (Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty)

For the two brothers represent perfectly opposing sides of the coin of masculinity, and the latest example of this emerged in Harry’s interview from the Antarctic (he is there attempting to walk to the South Pole with the charity Walking With The Wounded)  in which he showed his capacity for plain-speaking, declaring that his brother Prince William was 'quite jealous' of his expedition into the frozen wastes of the south, because such a trip would be an ideal way of getting away from "a screaming child."


Kate's New Deeper Hair Color



The Duchess stepped out last night with a deeper tone to her lustrous locks.

There were no signs of those pesky gray roots when Kate Middleton made one of her few public appearances of the year last night, having chopped a few inches off her lustrous locks and colored her hair a deeper, darker shade of brunette for the Christmas party season.

Kate was appearing as the guest of honor at the annual gala dinner for her charity SportsAid. The event, sponsored by Tiffany & Co and Laurent-Perrier champagne, is a fundraiser for the charity which helps young British sports stars with financial support and assistance.

William stayed home with the baby.


WPA Pool


Posh Edits French Vogue


By Permission of French Vogue

'Perfectionist' Victoria handed the reins at French Vogue.

To launch their fancy new enhanced iPad digital version of French Vogue, with extra audio video and assorted binary bells and whistles, the most eminent of fashion publications has roped in designer and mother-of-four Victoria Beckham as cover star (along with David of course) and guest editor.

“We handed over the running of this issue to a woman who, throughout our working together, has proved to be the exact opposite of her public image. She is spontaneous with a great sense of humour, humble yet at the same time driven by a healthy ambition. She is a perfectionist, like everyone who is passionate about their work”, said Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief of French Vogue, in a statement released this morning.


By Permission of French Vogue

Victoria said: “Being asked to be the guest editor of the Christmas issue of Vogue Paris this year was an incredible honor. Working with Emmanuelle Alt and her team was both exciting and inspiring and I am so proud of what we have created.”

Royal Skeletons

Queen Victoria's Secret Grandchild

New book claims that Queen Victoria's daughter Louise had a secret child with her tutor

Admittedly not the sort of breaking news and gossip in which the Royalist usually trades, but the intriguing story of Princess Louise, the sixth child of Queen Victoria, is the subject of a new book, "The Mystery of Princess Louise: Queen Victoria's Rebellious Daughter", by biographer and art historian Lucinda Hawksley, who makes the startling claim in her book that Louise had an illegitimate child in her late teens.

Lucinda took a few moments to chat with the Daily Beast this Thanksgiving Day.

What is the story of Princess Louise?


Times contradicts its own editorial in another editorial on where Richard should be buried

Part of the point about newspaper 'leader' editorials is that whoever writes them, they speak with one voice, the voice of the paper.

So, embarrassment for the Times today, which has a prominent leader saying that Richard III's remains should be buried at Leicester Cathedral - but just a year ago was arguing in another leader that the last Plantagenet King they should be buried at Westminster Cathedral.

King Richard III

The complete skeleton of King Richard III showing the curvature of the spine. (University of Leicester/Corbis)

Then the Thunderer declared, "With apologies to the two princes in the Tower, he must be reburied in Westminster Abbey, but today, they say: "Richard III was a real villain, not a pantomime one, yet a pantomime is what the arrangements for his burial are becoming. On legal and archeological precedent, his remains ought to be interred in Leicester Cathedral."

Tracy Bell made £750 selling stories about the brothers

A pharmacy assistant who worked at a medical centre at Sandhurst military academy was lucky to be spared jail today when she was given a nine-month suspended sentence for selling stories about William and Harry to a newspaper, and sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid work.

Tracy Bell, 35, from Barnsley in Yorkshire, received £750 for five articles about the royal princes between October 2005 and July 2006, according to a report in today's Guardian, and pleaded guilty to one count of misconduct in public office.

Racial Slurs

Prince Harry at Sandhurst (Dylan Martinez, Pool / AP Photo)

The court heard that Bell had "made use of her position and the presence of members of the royal family at Sandhurst to make a profit out of selling information about them" but that the information that she supplied "was relatively low grade and its disclosure has not caused significant damage to any public interest".

Livin’ on an Heir

Watch William Sing With Bon Jovi


Taylor Swift, Jon Bon Jovi and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge sing "Livin' On A Prayer" on stage at the Centrepoint Gala Dinner at Kensington Palace (Dominic Lipinski / WPA / Getty Images)

Prince William proves he really is the ‘karaoke kid’ as he gets up on stage and sings the ‘80s classic ‘Livin’ on a Prayer.’

Prince William channeled his inner frat boy last night, taking to the stage with Jon Bon Jovi and Taylor Swift to deliver a rousing chorus to the New Jerseyman's rock classic, Livin' On A Prayer.

Few guests could have guessed what was about to happen as Jon Bon Jovi stood on the stage strumming his guitar, teasing William, saying, "Just maybe, the karaoke kid could come up and sing along [a reference to the fact that William sung Livin' On A Prayer at his cousin Zara's wedding?] ...You don't have to do it your Majesty, I understand, I can't fly helicopters or ride motorcycles like you do. That's cool, that's cool. A couple of words..."

To the amazement of the 600 guests, who included British rapper Tinie Tempah, singer-songwriter James Blunt and the actor Colin Firth, William was led up to the stage by singer Taylor Swift as Jon Bon kicked off an acoustic version of the college classic, telling william, "Take that long, long walk up here."

He nervously adjusted his bow tie as the rocker went through the chorus, but when the verse came, leaned in to the mic and bellowed like any good freshman about the importance of holding on to what he had got before reflecting that it didn't really matter if he and his lady made it or not (although the Queen might have other ideas).

Hirstute Harry

Hairy Harry Grows A Polar Beard

Prince Harry has bedecked his face with fur as he battles Arctic weather

Prince Harry has a beard!

Yes, the Prince has finally confirmed that he is the anti-William by showcasing his new man-hair, grown whilst he prepares to embark on the final stage of his walk to the South Pole, which is the actual walk bit.


By Permission of Sky News

So far, the charity team that Harry is part of have been stuck at a base station, awaiting a break in the weather, so they can get their trek underway.

Who Took The Call?

The Diana Wedding Dress Feud


PA Pool/AP

Elizabeth and David Emmanuel argue over who took Diana's call.

There’s nothing like a bit of reality TV for enlivening a 32-year old feud, especially when its an argument about Princess Diana’s 1981 wedding dress.

The gown was designed by the husband and wife team Elizabeth and David Emmanuel, who divorced in 1990, and are now arguing about WHO TOOK THE CALL from Diana.

David is currently a contestant on the jungle reality show, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and has been chatting about making Diana’s dress over the campfire.

David told a fellow contestant, “I picked up a call in the studio and she said: ‘It's me.’ She never said 'Lady Diana.' …She said, ‘I'm just wondering, would you do the honor of designing my wedding gown?’”

Harry teases William from the South Pole

Prince Harry has given a video interview from the South Pole to UK media saying that his brother Prince William is 'quite jealous' of his Antarctica expedition, but only because it means he doesn't have to endure "a screaming child".

Good to see that the brothers are not done with ribbing each other as publicly as possible.

He also described breaking his toe in the run-up to the trip as 'a massive fail' but said he got little sympathy from his teammates - all of whom are missing limbs as a result of military action.


2013 WWTW

Wagner celebration held at Buckingham Palace

Getting a pop star to play at your birthday party is an old trick for multimillionaires these days - but few people could get an orchestra to entertain their guests.

However, as patron of the Philharmonia Orchestra, Prince Charles was presumably able to call in  few favours, and celebrated his birthday with a Wagner concert at Buckingham Palace, with the event costing a cool  $800,000 according to reports.


The Duke of Rothesay, as he is known in Scotland, arrives at Waverly Station on May 8, 2012 in Edinburgh, Scotland (Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images)

According to a report in The Telegraph today, the bill for the event last week was paid for by Cyrus Vandrevala, an Indian private equity tycoon and philanthropist, and his wife, Priya.

Polar Prince

VIDEO Prince Harry Arrives in Antartica

Now mild temperatures threaten trek

Having faced polar storms, it is now mild conditions making for difficult skiing that is the latest threat to the South Pole trek that Harry is part of.


From right to left: Prince Harry, Kate Philp, Guy Disney, Richard Eyre, Ibrar Ali and Duncan Slater of Team UK in the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge expedition (2013 WWTW)

The teams of disabled servicemen and their celebrity mascots – Prince Harry, Dominic West and Alexander Skarsgard – finally arrived at the Antartic base of Novo yesterday, after being delayed by a polar storm, but dreadful conditions are still threatening the ambitious attempt to walk to the South Pole.


2013 WWTW

City Casualties

Killed By Bankers’ Hours?

A coroner’s court in London heard that intern Mortiz Erhardt, who died after working for 72 hours straight, had an epileptic fit that may or may not have been triggered by fatigue.

Moritz Erhardt, the 21-year old Bank of America Merrill Lynch intern who fatally collapsed after working for 72 hours straight, died as a result of an epileptic fit that may have been triggered by stress and fatigue, a coroner's court in London heard today.

However, the coroner says he was also told by a pathologist that while fatigue could have been a trigger, there was no proof of this, and it was possible the seizure was something that “just happened.”

The coroner recorded a verdict of death by natural causes. According to UK paper The Mirror, the coroner said, "Unfortunately, although many people live with epilepsy and go on to live to old age, sometimes it still causes death very suddenly in this way and sometimes that happens even with a person as young and as fit as Moritz was…One of the triggers for epilepsy is exhaustion and it may be that because Moritz had been working so hard his fatigue was a trigger for the seizure that killed him.

"But that's only a possibility and I don't want his family to go away with the thought that it was something that Moritz did that causes his death…He was a young man living life to the full and he was clearly enjoying his time in London and, whilst it's possible that fatigue brought about the fatal seizure, it is also possible that it just happened. And it is something that does just happen."


The Royalist



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