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Kate: William Needs A Wig

Kate cracked a joke at her husband's expense today, saying he should think about getting a wig—made out of alpaca wool

Kate Middleton cracked a joke at her balding husband’s expense today when she suggested he should get a wig made out of alpaca wool to hide his ever-increasing pate.

An exhibitor at the Royal Sydney agricultural show, Lyn Crejan, 67, showed them a tuft of alpaca wool which was a similar shade of brown to the Duke’s hair.


Chris Jackson

Ms. Crejan, a farmer from the settlement of Glenn Innes in New South Wales, told the Daily Telegraph: “The Prince was interested in the alpaca and as I showed it to them the Princess said he should put it on his head.

Kate Check

Is Kate OK?

Times letter writer concerned about Kate

Ha ha ha.

An amusing letter in The Times today.


I feel sure my colleague Tim Teeman would approve (were he not already locked in the Tower).

Maundy Thursday

Queen Distributes Maundy Money

The Queen attended Blackburn Cathedral for the first time today to mark Maundy Thursday

The young royals might be getting all the headlines this week, but the Queen is today carrying out one of the most ancient rituals of the monarchy, handing out Maundy coins in a traditional royal service at Blackburn Cathedral.


WPA Pool

Today is ‘Maundy Thursday’ in the Christian calendar, and the purses are known as ‘Maundy Money’.

The Royal Maundy ceremony traces its origins to the Last Supper when, as St John recorded, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples.


Calm Down, He’s Just a Baby

His romper suits sell out. He’s happy with his toy wombat, but not being held by his nanny. Can nothing stop the insane, over-the-top coverage of Prince George?

When Prince George was born, the satirical magazine Private Eye attempted to throw a welcome bucket of cold water over the florid, gushing press coverage that followed with a banner headline unfurnished by pictures: “Woman Has Baby.”


Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (L) carries baby Prince George (R) as they arrive at Wellington Military Terminal, in Wellington, New Zealand, April 7, 2014. (EPA)

The cover would turn out to be a lone, sane beacon. Another day of the Royal tour Down Under, another 20 pictures of the same stunned, chubby-cheeked infant’s face. Here is Prince George, with his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton in Australia, being carried by his mother down the steps of a plane looking like, well, a baby. And here he is being presented with a cuddly toy wombat, yes, still looking like a baby. And yes, remember his crawl-about at a New Zealand playgroup, meeting other crawling babies (one the child of gay parents, stop the clocks) in a romper suit, and yes, he’s still looking like a baby.

What one says to this—the new images landing relentlessly on websites, including this one, with editorials gurgling just as much as their infant subject—is pretty much the same as one says when excited new parents show you pictures of their baby: “Oh my goodness, yes Prince George looks sweet,” because he does, and it’s lovely, but that’s that. Yet still the pictures come, and you feel obliged to change your joyful facial expression as you struggle for anything to say about a chubby-cheeked baby, beyond, “Yep. Aww. Great.”

Thanks a Bunch

George And The Wombat

More luggage for the royals to carry home as George receives oversize wombat teddy

I know one shouldn't be ungrateful, but what is it about people giving your kids ridiculous presents when you are on holiday?

I mean, what an incredibly annoying gift to have to lug home.



Still, Prince George looked delighted today when he was presented with a giant stuffed wombat.

Moving On

Royal Tour Moves On

William, Kate and George will arrive in Sydney tomorrow afternoon

William, Kate and Prince George have been taking a break from their official duties today after nine hectic days touring New Zealand, but tomorrow (Wednesday) they will board a flight to Sydney where they will kick off their ten-day tour of Australia.

It's been a good week for the royals in New Zealand, the Queen's most far-flung realm, with Kate and William's decision to save the first official reveal of Prince George for a Wellington playgroup playing well with local and international media.

The Australian leg of the tour will no doubt be equally well received.


The star of the show; Prince George at a NZ playgroup (Pool photo by Marty Melville)

How's That?

Not-Pregnant Kate Plays Cricket

Kate took part in an impromptu game of cricket with her husband in New Zealand

Kate Middleton continued her campaign to prove she is not pregnant today by engaging in a game of cricket with her husband in New Zealand.


Joseph Johnson

Kate and William were at an engagement in Christchurch to publicise the Cricket World Cup, at the city's Latimer Square, when Kate stepped up to the wicket with nothing but a yellow plastic bat to defend her against her husband.

Would you play cricket if you were pregnant? We think not - especially as William reportedly bowled a 'wild full toss' ball which went perilously close to the royal head.

New Royal Pregnancy Rumors

New Royal Baby Hint

William jokes that he may soon need a second baby shawl

Prepare for a new wave of royal pregnancy speculation after Prince William today told a woman who gave him hand-knitted shawl that she might have to start work on a second one.

William told Cynthia Read, who had was commissioned to make a wool shawl for Prince George by the New Zealand government to promote the country's wool industry: “You might have to make another one soon!”

It's the broadest hint yet that Prince George may soon have a baby sibling.

It should also be remembered that in their engagement interview, Will and Kate did declare their intention to have two children.


George's Awesome Gift

Prince George was given the coolest kids toy ever today - a miniature amphibious vehicle.


Chris Jackson

Quite frankly, the custom made Sealegs craft knocks the spots off the orb he got given by the Pope the other day.

Kate and William had been for a ride in a full-sized version just few hours earlier.

Competitive Spirit

Kate Rules The Waves

Young royals race each other on yachts round Auckland harbor

"As everyone probably knows, the Duke and Duchess are just a little competitive," a royal aide told the Daily Beast when their "informal" sailing race against each other in Auckland Harbor was initially announced, and today we got to see just what their conjugal competitive spirit entails, as Kate thrashed William in a series of races after masterfully forcing him into a weak position.


Chris Jackson

As they set off on their respective yachts the Duchess patted William on the back and said: "Take care!"

"Yeah, see you later," he replied.

However his confidence was misplaced, and Kate, who crewed on a round the world yacht during her gap year, comprehensively defeated her prince.

Up, Up And Away

How Do You Fly This Thing?

William, formerly an RAF search and rescue pilot, climbed aboard an antique British bi-plane today, after telling Sir Peter Jackson, "I'm not getting into a German plane."

Prince William was transported back to his RAF days today when he got to sit in the cockpit of a World War I fighter pilot at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, which is curated by the Lord of the Rings director Sir Peter Jackson.

They were greeted by the ever-scruffy director, who can be seen in the picture above snapping a shot on his camera phone.



The young royals were on their second engagement of the day in Blenheim, New Zealand on Thursday morning, as part of their three-week tour of Australasia. Earlier in the day, they took part in a wreath-laying ceremony at the town's war memorial to commemorate the victims of the First World War and other conflicts.

Little Trailblazer

Royal Babies: Long May They Drool

He’s been shielded from prying eyes for eight months—but George’s New Zealand debut was a revelation. How Kate and William are extending the life of the monarchy in more ways than one.

So, after eight months in which they had jealously guarded their new son’s privacy and succeeded almost entirely in keeping him away from the cameras, Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed their son to the world on Wednesday.


Pool photo by Marty Melville

And what a gorgeous little boy, chubby of cheek and fair of hair, he turned out to be.

It is inevitable that comparisons have been made to Prince William’s first appearance in Australasia, which also took place in New Zealand and also featured a future heir to the throne crawling around in front of the cameras.


The Royalist



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Dissecting Cressida's Style

Prince Harry’s girlfriend is the opposite of Kate Middleton in every way. Tom Sykes examines the evidence: a pair of Doc Martens, some dungarees, and that infamous scrunchie.

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