Anne Frank Made Dirty Jokes in Newly Revealed Diary Pages

Two concealed pages of Anne Frank’s diary have been revealed by researchers in Amsterdam thanks to photo-imaging technology, according to The New York Times. Frank, famous for her over 200-page diary about her life in a “secret attic annex” during the Holocaust, pasted brown paper over two pages in her diary that discussed “sexual matters.” In the passages, she pretends that someone is asking her about sex, and describes the act using phrases like “rhythmical movements.” She also calls contraception “internal medicament” and refers to menstruation as “a sign that she is ripe.” When talking about prostitution, she states: “In Paris they have big houses for that.” Researchers claim that the find is significant because it shows Frank was “trying to write in a more literary tone.” As to why she tried to hide the pages underneath pasted paper, researchers say it could have been out of fear of someone finding it or it was a “form of self-editing.” Frank allegedly wanted to write a book about her life in the attic that she called “The Secret Annex,” but was captured and killed in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.