Backpack Kid Russell Horning Sues Over Floss Dance in Fortnite

Sixteen-year-old Russel Horning, known as “Backpack Kid,” is suing the makers of the popular videogame Fortnite for allegedly ripping off his signature dance move: the Floss. Backpack Kid’s mom, Anita Redd, filed the lawsuit on behalf of her son, who went viral in 2016 after he posted dance videos of himself on Instagram, his spokesperson, Russel Trotter, confirmed to The Daily Beast. Horning is now the third celebrity to sue the videogame maker for allegedly stealing a dance move. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton Banks on the ’90s show, and Rapper 2 Milly also claim in separate lawsuits that the videogame ripped off their signature moves.