Bill Clinton Rallies for Health Care

Former President Bill Clinton knows the difficulty in passing health-care reform having watched his own plan go down in flames in 1994. Now he's urging supporters to back President Obama's push, which is struggling through a difficult August. In a speech to Netroots Nation, a gathering of liberal bloggers and activists, Clinton told the audience to support Obama's efforts even if the final result is less than what they wanted. “I want us to be mindful we may need to take less than a full loaf,” Clinton said. The ex-pres was also heckled by audience members for his policies towards gays while in office, including Don't Ask Don't Tell in the military and the passage of the Defense of Marriage Act. Ever the diplomat, Clinton said he was not happy with this chapter of his presidency either. “Nobody regrets how this was implemented any more than I do,” he said. “I hated what happened.”Clinton also told the audience: “We have entered a new era of progressive politics which, if we do it right, can last 30 or 40 years... The president needs your help and the cause needs your help."