‘Bipartisan’ Group No Labels Sought Donations From Peter Thiel, David Koch

No Labels, a group formally dedicated to promoting bipartisan governance, solicited donations from wealthy individuals known for supporting hyper-partisan causes, including PayPal founder and Trump supporter Peter Thiel, businessman Foster Friess, a top aide to liberal mega-donor George Soros, and David Koch, according to a Daily Beast report. Those are just a few of the financiers No Labels urged to donate to its own super PACs, though most of the deep-pocketed donors it attempted to recruit did not end up forking over funds. The group did, however, secure donations from a few high-profile figures, including former Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, and raked in $11 million from 53 donors by the end of the 2018 cycle. Sources told The Daily Beast that these fundraising efforts were part of No Labels’ larger mission to shift resources to the campaign side of the organization, which was used to back the group’s chosen candidates and attack opponents of its agenda.