Five More Men Arrested, One at Large in Shooting of Boston Red Sox Legend David Ortiz

Five more men have been arrested and one suspect is at large in the shooting of Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz at a Dominican Republic nightclub, the Associated Press reports. Another suspect was arrested a day before prosecutors on Wednesday said the suspects went out to kill Ortiz after an $8,000 bounty was placed on his head. While police showed the handgun used to injure Ortiz to reporters, they did not disclose the names of those arrested nor the identity of the shooter. Eddy Valdimir Garcia was identified as one of the suspects at the scene earlier this week after he was apprehended by police. Police say Garcia confessed to playing a role in the shooting, though his lawyer said his client was not the gunman. Garcia is reportedly charged with “intentionally causing injury through the use of an illegal firearm”—along with attempted homicide and criminal association charges.