Dozens of Taylor University Grads Walk Out During Mike Pence’s Commencement Address

Dozens of Taylor University graduates reportedly walked out on Vice President Mike Pence as he warned them of their Christian beliefs being “maligned” during a commencement address on Saturday. “Throughout most of our American history it’s been pretty easy to call yourself a Christian, but things are different now,” Pence was quoted as saying by the Indianapolis Star. “Lately, it’s become acceptable, even fashionable, to malign traditional Christian beliefs. So as you prepare to leave this place and build your life on a Christ-centered, world-engaging foundation poured here at Taylor University, be prepared to stand up,” he said. While most of the graduating class is said to have remained seated, dozens of students and faculty reportedly walked out following a disagreement over his role as commencement speaker. Some students and faculty reportedly didn’t find it appropriate for the vice president to express religious views at the nondenominational Christian liberal arts university.