Is Hugh Too Sexy for Oscar?

Will Hugh Jackman’s “sexiest man alive” status cost him an Oscar? His starring role in Baz Luhrman’s Australia opposite Nicole Kidman, which just premiered in Sydney, puts the Aussie hunk firmly in the frame. And as if his ego weren’t already boosted to capacity, People magazine has just named him “Sexist Man Alive.” But the L.A. Times’ Tom O’Neill thinks older male Academy members have a habit of ignoring the stud of the moment when it comes to voting. “Old-timers who have been put out to pasture still love the young fillies, but they resent these handsome bucks,” he writes. “Their message to Hollywood heartthrobs: ‘You already have it all—fame, fortune and females aplenty. So, sorry, pal, no Oscar for you just yet.’”