Julian Assange Loses Again on Medical Bills, Visitation Rights at Ecuador’s Embassy

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on Wednesday closed a request made on behalf of Julian Assange to stymie Ecuador’s tightened restrictions on the WikiLeaks founder’s asylum at their London embassy, according to the nation’s attorney general. The decision marks yet another blow for the embattled WikiLeaks founder, who has been hiding out in the embassy for years to avoid an international arrest warrant for alleged sex abuse and rape and the possibility of extradition to the U.S. The drama began last year, when Ecuador slapped a new set of conditions on Assange’s continued asylum, including that he pay for his own cleaning and medical expenses and that he only receive up to three visitors. A judge has twice affirmed the legality of the conditions, but the IACHR opened the request for precautionary measures at the behest of Assange’s legal team. Ecuador’s attorney general said that the request was withdrawn because it “did not comply with the requirements of gravity, urgency and irreparable harm provided for” in IACHR’s rules.