Cameron Diaz


The stars of the R-rated sex comedy ‘Sex Tape’ discuss everything from sex tapes to staying in shape and period-tracking apps. [Warning: NSFW]

Mistaken Identity

Johnny Depp dressed as Tonto in the upcoming ‘Lone Ranger’ remake may look racist, but it turns out Depp is part Cherokee. From Norah Jones to Steve Jobs, see other celebrities with unexpected genes.

'Beavis and Butt-Head' Returns

Beavis and Butt-Head returned to MTV Thursday night, after nearly 15 years off the air. And their “heh-heh”/“huh-huh” laughter was just as grating. From Seth Rogen’s Butt-Head-channeling chuckle to Fran Drescher’s nasal guffaw, see which celebrities’ signature laughs are the most irritating.

These eleven actresses, socialites, and famous writers have all headed into the great wide open for a little soul-searching and self-soothing.

The awards were just the beginning of the night for the stars. Jacob Bernstein talks to Jeff Bridges and more at the Vanity Fair party. Plus, our gallery of the party circuit and arrivals.