Maleah Davis’ Stepdad Arrested, Charged With Evidence Tampering

Darion Vence, the stepfather of missing 4-year old Maleah Davis, was taken into custody Saturday and charged with tampering with evidence, police said. A Houston Police Department spokesman also said blood evidence obtained from Vence's apartment has been linked to Maleah, who has been missing for a week. Vence, the last person to see her before her disappearance, told police when he reported her missing that he had been ambushed and knocked unconscious by three men and woke up to find the toddler gone. A local activist told reporters on Friday that Vence was caught on video with bottles of Clorox and a garbage bag after the child disappeared. “We know for a fact that police did take forensic evidence out of the apartment that indicates a crime took place inside that apartment,” activist Quanell X alleged Friday, according to local news station KHOU. Vence was later identified as a person of interest in the case.