Michigan Town Rebels Against Police

Residents of a western Michigan town are fighting against the practical militarization of their police force. Barry Township's Jack Nadwornik faces a two-year felony charge for resisting arrest after the 58-year-old was found urinating outside a bar because it was locked up. After police caught him, Nadwornik was kneed in the back and had his hand broken by a police baton and his elbows bloodied. Police say he resisted arrest, but Nadwornik and a waitress who witnessed the incident deny that charge. Locals says there has been a rise in aggressive policing, especially in light of an increase in non-certified reserve officers and the addition of heavy vehicles like Humvees—all to patrol a town of 3,900. On Monday night, locals are planning to ask township officials to fire Police Chief Victor Pierce. “There’s no selection standard, no standards for training and they don’t react appropriately,” said resident Tony Crosariol. “The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Jack was assaulted.”