Phelps Loses at World Championship

Michael Phelps lost to Germany's Paul Biedermann in the 200-meter freestyle Tuesday, but might a polyurethane swimsuit be to blame for the upset? Biedermann smashed the world record, held by Phelps, by nearly a full second. After the race, Biedermann acknowledged that his Arena X-Glide suit might have played a role in his victory, saying it made him "really fast; honestly, about two seconds in the race...I think the suits are destroying a little bit the sport." Of course, the issue didn't seem to bother him as he stood atop the podium. Phelps—who does not wear the super-suit—reportedly "appeared miffed" after the loss while swimming officials scrambled to announce that new rules will be enacted to prohibit the suits from competition. Nevertheless, it is likely many more records will be broken before the rules come into effect.