Police: Drug Dealing Fugitive Wore ‘Old Man’ Disguise

Police in Massachusetts say they found a 31-year-old fugitive in Cape Cod wearing an elaborate disguise: a realistic-looking “old man” mask. When police officers went to a home on Thursday in search of Shaun Miller, a fugitive wanted on drug charges for heroin distribution, they say an unknown “elderly man” came out of the home. After police began talking to the man, who appeared to be in his seventies, they realized it was actually Miller wearing a disguise. They proceeded to search the home and found $30,000 in cash and two loaded guns. Miller was taken into custody and faces a hearing on Aug. 31. He was one of 13 people charged in a huge Cape Cod drug bust in April, but he managed to elude capture for several months, perhaps thanks to the “old man” mask.