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Articles March 2009

Mythbusters Prove Sarah Palin Right

Prince Philip Gaffes Again

Man Gets DUI for Crashing Bar Stool

The Forgotten Lessons of Lee Iacocca

Why Michelle Wows the Brits

Dandy Fashion

Cavuto Interviews Clown

Africa's Powerhouse Prez

Best Value Colleges

Celebrity Adoptions


Htichens Battles Mos Def

Tweeting Through the Pain

The Osbournes on Reality

Lee Iacocca on Chrysler

Sizzling G-20 Wives

Olbermann on Beck

Boycotting Spain?

Obama's Tough Love for Detroit

Is She Selling the Wrong Plan?

An Ordinary, Extraordinary Life

Monsters vs. Jane Austen

The Daily Beast Recommends

Man's Only Friend

Dogs—So Like Us

The Shirts vs. the Skins

Former NYSE Chairman Grasso Speaks, Part II

Washington's Longest-Running Reality Show

Obama Meets the Queen

Uh, Mom, About That Prostitute…

So Why Aren't You Watching Damages?

Are There More Dungeon Dads?

The GOP's House Hottie

Book Beast: Gwen Ifill on BookTV

Book Beast: Remembering John Updike

Hersh: Cheney Had Secret Assassination Wing

Olbermann-Coulter Cornell Feud

Shaquille O’Neal, Natalie Portman, & More Stars with Degrees (Photos)

Glenn Beck: Funny Noises

O'Reilly Boycotting Penn

Obama On GM's Fate

America's Dirtiest Dancer

Bill O'Reilly Is Stalking Me

Sensitive Bra Lady

Obama's Marijuana Buzz Kill

Was the New Deal a Bust?

Conficker Virus Spreading

Former NYSE Chairman Grasso Speaks

Dirty Secrets of College Waitlists

Citizen Affleck

The Mad Genius of Glenn Beck

Is Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno Too Raunchy?

Celebrity Homes

Does Obama Have a Plan B?

Petraeus Disagrees with Cheney on Obama

Glenn Beck: 912 Project

Glenn Beck: Shepard Smith

Glenn Beck: 9 Principles 12 Values

Glenn Beck: Visual Aids

Glenn Beck: Global Warming

Glenn Beck: Candy

Glenn Beck: Socialism

Glenn Beck: Muppet Voice

Glenn Beck: Self-Educated Guy

President Lula on Fareed Zakaria GPS

Top 6 Moments from Sunday Talk

Krugman Vs Geithner

Gates: U.S. Not Prepared for North Korean Missile

Predator X

Obama to CEOs: Show Some Restraint

McCain Hedges on Palin 2012?

A Prop 8 Crusader Leaves the GOP

Is Newt Preparing for a 2012 Run?

Ladies’ Night

The Bitter Feud on Downing Street

Obama on Flooding in Midwest

The Man Who Gutted the Ivy League

O'Reilly on NBC

Where the Wild Things Are Trailer

Justin Timberlake on Oprah

Holbrooke on Afghanistan

10 Movies Too Awful for the Theater

Direct to DVD: Troll 2

Direct to DVD: Midnight Meat Train

Direct to DVD: Cruel Intentions

Direct to DVD: Lost Boys

Direct to DVD: Urban Justice

Direct to DVD: Snakes on a Train

Direct to DVD: Leprechaun

Direct to DVD: Private Valentine

Direct to DVD: American Pie

The Holes in Obama's Afghanistan Plan

She's Got Legs

State of Play Trailer

Catholic Converts

Eric Cantor Talks Britney

Blago's Book List

Colin Hanks, Still a Hanks

Obama on Pakistan

Bankers to Feel Sorry For

Hannan on Health Care

Julia Roberts Bored With Acting

The New Pseudo-Shrinks

Seth Rogen's Monster Year

Julia Roberts Bored With Acting

The Coming Democratic Civil War

Five More Colleges Worth the Price

Is Angelina Bad for Africa?

Stop Aiding Africa!

Mike Tyson Lets His Guard Down

Geithner: Our System Failed

China Fashion Week

Hideous Celebrity Breakups

The Woman Who Could Nail Bush

The Audacity of Poping

One Bikini At A Time

Nation's Burning Questions

Walters: Not All Rich People Are Bad

Genuis Gets One Wrong

Halle Berry Smells

Jim Cramer on 'Morning Joe'

Best of Brit Lit

The Funny Girl Next Door

The Case for Castration

Who Did Nancy Pelosi's New Face?

Nancy Pelosi

Obama Stiffs the Arts

Michelle vs. the All-American Jackass

Rush Versus Ebony Reporter

The President Vs. the Press

5 Strangest Moments From Obama's Presser

Legendary WSJ Tax Guru to Retire

Blumenthal - AIG - Version 2

Presidental Drag

Obama Presser - Morris

Obama Presser - Race

Obama Presser - Chuck Todd

Obama Presser - Charity

Obama Presser - Ed Henry

Condi Rice, Too Cool

Who Convinced Rahm?

Bernie's John Hancock

Hollywood's Coming Culture Clash

The Intellectual Crash of 2009

Hanks Meets Fonda

Year of the Short Story

The Last Abortionist

Appoint Real People, Not Saints

Recession Marriage Wars

80's Fashion

Sleeveless in New York

Best Moments from Obama Press Conference

Presidential News Conference

Donahue Defends Obama on Notre Dame Speech

The Geithner Plan Won't Work

Ikea Baby

Maverick Meghan McCain

Lynne Greenberg, Living With Pain

Getting Hitched

The Great Vibrator Controversy

Reese on Joaquin's Career

Gibbs Gets Good News

Simon Too Busy to Meet Obama

Israel's PR Campaign?

Don't Fear the Swedish Model

Which Gospel Would Jesus Read?

The Daily Beast Recommends

The Wife Who Came in from the Cold

Can Foreign Policy Be Saved?

The Backdoor Bailout Backlash

Is There a Suicide Gene?

Triumph of the Geeks and Tough Guys

12 Best Foreign Celebrity Ads

Walter Mosley's Reading List

Leonid McGill, Private Investigator

Health Care's Next Crisis

TV's Funniest New Moms

Blumenthal - AIG

Roger Simon on Book TV

Azar Nafisi on Book TV

Frank Calls Scalia 'Homophobe'

Heinous Investment Advice

Daily Beast Appearances - March

Robert Gibbs 'All Russia-ed Out'

Book Beast: David Foster Wallace

Jindal's Volcanic Embarrassment

Wasserman: I Have Breast Cancer

TMZ: The New CNN?

Hollywood's Most Threatening Blog

Serial Killer on the Loose?

President Obama on 60 Minutes

Make a Deal With the Mob

What Obama Doesn't Know About Afghanistan

Inside America's Holiest University

The Virus Coming to Your Computer Next Week

Josh Schwartz on Life After Gossip Girl

20 Colleges Worth the Price

The First Lady of 2012?

Obama Has His "Brownie Moment"

Romer: Calls for Geithner's Resignation Are 'Silly'

Current TV Takes on Twitter

The New Animal Houses

Foreign Commercials: Harrison Ford

Foreign Commercials: Sean Connery

Foreign Commercials: Salvador Dali

Foreign Commercials: Orson Welles

Foreign Commercials: George Clooney

Top 6 Moments From Sunday Talk

Foreign Commercials: Angelina Jolie

Foreign Commercials: Snoop Dogg

Foreign Commercials: Ben Stiller

Foreign Commercials: Brad Pitt

Foreign Commercials: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Foreign Commercials: Madonna

Guha on McLaughlin Group

Foreign Commercials: Andy Warhol

Bonfire of the Inanities

Spitzer on Zakaria

Schwarzenegger on Special Olympics

Bernstein: AIG Bonus Tax May Be 'Dangerous'

Judd Gregg: This Country Will Go Bankrupt

The Witch Hunt Backlash Is Coming

The Fed Calls the Shots

In Defense of My Drinking Habit

AIG Is Not Our BIG Problem

Ab Fab: 7 Classic Trans-Atlantic Sitcoms

Obama: I Will Halve Deficit

Best Moments from the Updike Tribute

Olmos on Latinos in Media

British Comedies: Blackpool and Viva Laughlin

British Comedies: One Foot and Cosby

British Comedies: Steptoe and Sanford

British Comedies: Fawlty Towers and Amanda

British Comedies: Coupling

British Comedies: The Office

British Comedies: Absolutely Fabulous

Meet RoboCroc

The New Welfare Queens

Charlie Rose Remembers Natasha

The Twisted Mind Behind Julia

Commuting to Iraq

Red Carpet

West Side Story

Gibbs Versus Chip Reid

Palin Fires Back at Obama for Special Olympics Joke

Oprah Surprises Ellen

I’m Not Apologizing

Rihanna's CoverGirl Ads

The Madness

Palin Rejects Federal Money

Stewart Thanks Springsteen

Heeere's Barack!

Obama on the Tonight Show

The Next Twilight?

Drinking Age? We Need a Texting Age

The Taliban Ticking Clock

Beirut's Fragile Peace

Adam Scott: Life of the Party

Madoff Employee Breaks Silence

Remembering Natasha Richardson

Grey Gardens

Obama to Parents: Shape Up

While We're at It, 12 More Outrages To Tax

Earthy Beauty

Writers and Actors Recall Her Life

No Springtime for Bernie

His Father's Shadow

Cramer Keeps Feud Alive

The Lighter Side of Royalty

Colbert in Space

Olbermann Stumbles on Tonight Show

A Taxpayer Bailout for DreamWorks Animation?

Ingraham Fires Back

Exit the Critic

Best of Brit Lit

The Book on India

George W. Bush Lands $7 Million Book Deal

The Teen Rape Double Standard

TV's New Mystery Woman

The Next Best Breakout Films

Return of the Health Care Villains

Natasha Richardson

Dodd on AIG Loophole

Natasha Richardson on Charlie Rose

The Best of the Buzzer Beaters

The Presidential Bracket

Meet the Man Booker Nominees

Barney Frank at AIG Hearing

Man Booker International Nominees

Madoff Victims' Gibraltar Money Grab

Barney on CBS Early Show

An Old-Fashioned Wedding?

Seeing Double

How Liberal Is the Dictionary/

Literary Fiction for Tough Guys

Felix Rohatyn to the Rescue

Julia and Dave's Love Affair

How Jon Stewart Went Bad

Top 5 Phony Scapegoats

Real Men Wear Skirts

The Rise and Rise of L'Wren Scott

What's in Store for the Suburban Mall?

Is Better Off Ted the Next Office?

Where's the Bailout for Publishing?

The Report Sending Shockwaves Through Washington

Strange Fall Fashion

Gibbs Compares WH Press Briefing to Torture

The Game That Turned March Mad

Valentino on Oprah

My Life in the Dungeon

FOX's St. Patrick's Day Party

The Guy Who's Really to Blame?

Don't Repeat Japan's Mistake

Sen. Grassley's Drastic Idea

Meet Ellen's Wife

A Short History of American Rage

A Plea to Ms. Tyra

Thomas Friedman, Econ Junkie

Read Me, I'm Irish

Judge Judy Sentences Madoff

Tomorrow’s Literary Superstars Today

Jack Kerouac Lives!

A Legendary Reporter Exposes His Favorite Reads

The Daily Beast Recommends

Will This Be the Last Dance for Woz?

The Two Best Newscasts You Aren't Watching

Glenn Beck on Why He's No Rush Limbaugh

My Husband's Affair Drove Me to TV

Fix the Country Already!

Grant Stoddard: Men Have It Worse

Women Have It Worse

Sex Wars: Sluts vs. Losers

My Dinner with Fidel

Who Made Frank Rich God?

Bracketology with Jimmy Kimmel

Robert Gibbs Slams Dick Cheney

Peter Singer on Colbert

Jeff Bezos on Nightline - Amazon Kindle

Give the Bonuses Back—Or Else

Fromer AIG CEO Reacts to Bonuses

The Upside of the Seattle Paper's End

We Will Pursue AIG

Meghan McCain: Kiss It

Imus Announces He Has Cancer

Old Porn Star

Models Lose Their Cool

New York Times' New Columnist Is Full of It

Levi Johnston on Bristol Palin

The Craziest Diet Ever

Pat O’Brien Breaks Down the NCAA Tournament

The Queen of Queens

Feds Zero In on Bernie's Inner Circle

Bernake on 60 Minutes

Europe's Can-Do Spirit

Real Moms of New York

How the Stewart/Cramer Smackdown Started

'Reliable Sources' on Cramer/Stewart

7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Jon Stewart Takes on Cramer Again

Buchanan and Crowley Praise Star Power

Thomas Friedman on Face the Nation

Save Geithner and Steele!

Wallace Moderates Frank-Corker 'Food Fight'

Summers Calls AIG 'Outrageous'

Katty Kay on Meet the Press

Cheney: Obama Made U.S. Less Safe

Scooter Libby: The Movie

Ruth's Secret Stash

Ahmadinejad Ducks a Shoe Thrower

Quit Talking About My Weight, Laura Ingraham

Obama on Food Safety

Admiral Mullen on Charlie Rose

Divakaruni on 'The Palace of Illusions'

Jimmy Fallon on Robert DeNiro

Deer Go on Beer Run

Rove on O'Reilly

5 Reasons Celebrity CEOs Crash & Burn

The Week in Madoff

Tyus Edney

Richard Hamilton

Michael Jordan

Lorenzo Charles

Christian Laettner

Bryce Drew

Cramer on Cramer Versus Stewart

Behind the Co-Ed Murder Scandal

Gibbs on Cramer

I'll Stick to What I Know

I Believe In My Husband

Phelps Admits Mistakes

Hollywood Stunned as Murdoch Shakes Up His Fox Network

The Nine Worst Duets of All Time

Who Killed the Horror Film?

How I Fell in Love in Prison

Friday Night's Bright Light

Hot and Heavy

The War Over the Global Stimulus

Jon Stewart Hammers Jim Cramer

What Bernie's Thinking

The Adventures of Michelle Obama

Wonder Women

The Adventures of Hillary Clinton

The Adventures of Sarah Palin

Obama's Most Blatant Hypocrisy

Obama vs. the Democrats

Duets: Stallone and Parton

Duets: Bono and Sinatra

Duets: William Shatner

Duets: Rosie and Liza

Duets: Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson

Duets: Milli Vanilli

Duets: Rob Lowe and Snow White

Duets: Paint Your Wagon

Duets: Celine and Elvis

Meghan McCain on Rachel Maddow

The New Challenges of War

Off to the Slammer

The Cheapest Lady Alive

The Bag Lady Speaks

What I'd Like to Tell Bernie in Court

Mr. Big: The Awful Truth

Bye-Bye, Bernie?

The Man Obama Double-Crossed

A Three-Star Food Fight

Relax, Rich People!

Dr. Oz: ER Was My Other Med School

Bill Clinton on Health Care

Meghan McCain on Extra

Carol Burnett on Ellen

Bernie's Final Night of Luxury

Fleisher on Hardball

Stop the Bailout: Four Better Alternatives

Is Valerie Jarrett Anti-Woman?

Layoffs: HR's Moment of Truth

Sully Is a Poet?

Obama on Earmarks

The Best of Brit Lit

Fox and Friends Is Loaded

Rachael Ray Hot For Watchmen

Geithner: The System Is Fragile

John Edwards Ducks Rielle Hunter

Stewart v. Cramer Saga, Part IV

Geithner: The System Is Fragile

Paris Fashion Week

Inside Obama's NSC War Room

Size Doesn't Matter

How China Conquered the Art World

Is God Evil?

First Lady Arms Race

The Anti-Supermodel

7 Best Cable-TV Feuds

Madoff Victim Alexandra Penney on His Guilty Plea

Gibbs on Obama's First 50 Days

The Next Targets in the Madoff Case

Stewart vs Cramer

Wallace vs Fox and Friends

Olbermann vs Matthews

Disorder in the Court

Sunday Morning Profiles Bill O'Reilly

Geraldo and O'Reilly Debate Immigration

Jon Stewart Versus Tucker Carlson

Fashionable First Ladies

Steve Wozniak: Dancing Fool

Krugman Should Know Better

Regis Doubts Reality T.V.

Meghan McCain on Ann Coulter

Krugman on Stimulus

CNBC Versus Jon Stewart

Susan Jacoby on Obama's Reading List

Curtis Sittenfeld: 'Don't Believe A Word I Say'

A Crime Writer Books Her Favorite Reads

The Lady Who Warmed Up the Cold War

Let the Death Penalty Die

The Daily Beast Recommends

Author Calls MSNBC 'Journalistic Hookers'

Obama Intelligence Nominee Withdraws

Did Merrill Lynch Lie to Congress?

Was Ronald Reagan Secretly a Dove?

The Bruno Diaries

Now He's 52

It's Time for Google to Share the Wealth

A Killing in Texas

The Case for Upsizing

John McCain Discovers Technology a Year Too Late

Carl Wilson on the Colbert Report

Gupta: Stem Cell Research Holds 'Promise'

Buffett: Government's Economic Message 'Muddled'

Obama Dances for Kennedy

Paris Hilton Ready For New BFF

A Mystery Novelist's True Identity Solved

Obama's No Manchurian Candidate

Jimmy Kimmel on The View

Shelia Bair on 60 Minutes

Octograndpa Talks Tough

Warren Buffet on Earmarks

Paris Hilton: Lip-Syncer

What Obama Can Learn from Mandela

Why Manny Ramirez Hates Fans

Harvey Levin on Reliable Sources

Last Chance to Get the Bushies

My Beef With Ann Coulter

Stop Crucifying Tim Geithner

Confessions of a Barbie Freak

Unemployment Rate High: The Worst Time to Graduate from College

TV's Next Great Leading Man

Should Call Girls Kiss and Tell?

Fallen Wall Street Titan Speaks

7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Connie Chung on Reliable Sources

Shelby: Bury the Banks

Newt Gingrich on Meet the Press

Buchanan's 2012 Picks for the GOP

Hume Discusses 'Obama Bear Market'

Click Here For Good News!

He's Back!

Next Time, He'll Kill You

How the Government Screwed Madoff Victims Again

Daddy Runs a Meth Lab

Obama: We Will Endure

Obama’s All Action, No Strategy in Afghanistan

Betty White: Rogue Girl Scout

Charlie Rose on Google

Kathie Lee Bangs the Drum Oddly

Real Housewives of the Upper East Side

Did Obama Wimp Out on a Rape Case?

And You Thought the Economy Was Scary?

5 Shameless Celebrity Endorsements

Jennifer Aniston's $50K Hairstyle vs. Librarian Pensions

Oprah Loves the Snuggie

Obama in Ohio

Updike on Cheever

Nathan Fillion on The View

McCain Twitters

Robin Givens on Why Battered Women Stay

TMZ's Levin on Rihanna

Robin Givens on Abuse

Why I'm Not Now and Have Never Been the Democrats' "Rush Limbaugh"

Palin's Smart Move

Night of the Living Dead Banks

Madoff Victim Speaks Out

Stewart Rips CNBC - Again

Bush Tearful Over Barbara

Gupta on Larry King

Who's Afraid of Fake Memoirists?

How Pot Helped Destroy Bear Stearns

The Future of The New Republic

How to Shake Down the Banks

The World's Most Dangerous Comedian

The Thinking Man’s Rapper

A Recess from the Recession

Is Watchmen the Next Dark Knight?

Running the Republicans

Oprah: LDS Girls

Brad Pitt in Washington

Endorsements: Dennis Hopper for Ameriprise

Endorsements: Erin Brockovich for Weitz and Luxenberg

Endorsements: Marie Osmond for NutriSystem

The Michael Jackson I Knew

Republican Hip Hop Makeover: Steele

Republican Hip Hop Makeover: Rove, Huckabee, Romney

Republican Hip Hop Makeover: Bachmann

Kennedy on Health Care Reform

Recess from the Recession

Endorsements: Merkerson for Uniball

Remembering Horton Foote

Jacko Says Goodbye

The Trouble With Operation Rushbo

Would You Pay to Read This Story?

Daily Show Nails Financial News

Angry Words From Bishop Tutu

Gibbs on Rush

Limbaugh Challenges Obama

Underground Novel of the Year

Wall Street's New Bonus Outrage

Mothers, Daughters, Food

A Man More Heroic Than Sully

The End Is Near!

Last of the Red-Hot Lesbians

Endorsements: Japanese Car

Endorsements: MC Hammer and Ed McMahon for

Endorsements: John Turturro for Heineken

Endorsements: Tim Gunn for Tide

McCain: Not A Line-Item Veto

Our Manic White House

Green Porno

First Minute of Palin Porn Nailin' Paylin

SNL - Britney Spears

Britney: Why I Shaved My Head

Britney: I'm Angry and Sad

RuPaul on Politics

Melissa Etheridge on Prop 8

The Bag Lady Returns

An Employee Bill of Rights

2009 Black and Penn Oscar Speeches

The Best of Brit Lit

Delay: Limbaugh a Role Model

Orman on Larry King

The Bobby Jindal Racism Issue

Huffman Mocks Piven

Do Book Awards Really Matter?

Nothing New to Report

The Nine Lives of Rush Limbaugh

Zoë Heller Keeps the Faith

How Kathleen Sebelius Got Lucky

The History of Michelle's Arms

When Mr. Big Becomes Mr. Small

9 Lives - Limbaugh CPAC

9 Lives - Limbaugh Magic Negro

9 Lives - Limbaugh Drug Charges

What Today's Vietnam Says About Tomorrow's Iraq

9 Lives - Limbaugh Deaf and Rich

9 Lives - Limbaugh Michael J Fox

9 Lives - Limbaugh Harkin

9 Lives - Limbaugh On Leaving Radio

9 Lives - Limbaugh Sajak Show

Fox News Talks T.P.

Terminator Salvation Trailer

Gibbs Responds to Kramer

Cramer Slams Obama

Michelle's Right to Bare Arms

Why Is the UN Blaming the Jews?

Regis and Van Morrison Butcher 'Brown-Eyed Girl'

Fuming: Sandy Weill

The Rise and Fall of the GOP's First Black Chairman

Jindal Defends SOTU Response

Rush Limbaugh, Showing Skin

What's on Those Destroyed CIA Tapes

Fallon's Opening Sketch

Coulter Calls GOP 'Hot Babes'

NYPD Documentary

The Crisis We Forgot

The Heroine of the New Deal

The Professor's Reading List

The Book Beast Recommends

Stop Piling on Fallon

The Iraqis Want Us Out Now

Does Chris Brown Really Deserve a Break?

Susan Cheever on Her Father John Cheever’s Alcoholic Demons—and Worldly Glamour

Author Calls Limbaugh 'Jabba the Hut'

Exit Interview: Outgoing Blackwater Chief on Why He Owes No Apologies

Limbaugh to Steele: Do Your Job

Don't Lecture Us, Mr. President

NYPD Susan Porcello

A 'Breakthrough' in the Stem Cell Debate

How Spade Became Famous

Daschle's Replacement Named

Ahmadinejad Tangles With Hollywood

Is the Worst Yet to Come?

Books: Binchy

Accused McCain Mistress Speaks

Jayne Anne Phillips Goes to War

The Wildest Moments From CPAC

Mr. Brown Goes to Washington

Was Madoff About to Get Whacked?

Looking for Mr. Far Right

The Right to Die at Home

Will This Book Save Your Life?

Citigroup's Last Best Hope

Blumenthal - Christian Zionist

Blumenthal - Racist

Blumenthal - Joe The Plumber

The Audacity of Nope

7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Rahm Slams Rush

McLaughin Group on Taxes

Mullen on Success in Iraq

Katrina Vanden Heuvel vs Karl Rove

Hitchens on Taliban and Al Qaeda

Gates on Bush and Obama

Liz Smith Slams Gawker

Gates Compares Obama and Bush

Gandhi's (Few) Possessions Go Up For Auction in New York

Liz Smith: Fired at 86

When Did My 13-Year-Old Son Become a 'Player?'