Spicer Contradicts Trump, WH Officials on Flynn Resignation

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Tuesday faced a barrage of questions from reporters about the resignation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and appeared to contradict the accounts of President Trump and other senior White House officials on the matter. Flynn resigned Monday night amid questions over his contact with Russian government officials. Spicer during the presser said trust was “eroded,” and that it was not a “legal issue.” The press secretary added that the White house had been reviewing the situation for a few weeks—including whether Vice President Mike Pence was misled. “We've been reviewing and evaluating this issue with respect to General Flynn on a daily basis for a few weeks trying to ascertain the truth,” Spicer said. Trump said on Friday that he was not aware of the initial Washington Post report on potential concerns over Russian blackmailing. Spicer also said Trump asked for Flynn’s resignation. This contradicts what senior administration officials told reporters on Monday night. Spicer added that the president has been “incredibly tough” on Russia, and repeated his belief that Flynn’s conversations with Russian officials were not “an issue.”