Terror Suspect Was 'The Donut Guy'

It's enough to make you paranoid: The friendly vendor who hands you coffee every morning just the way you like it and sports a "God Bless America" sign on his cart could be plotting to kill as many of your neighbors as possible in a massive terror attack. The New York Times offers up an early portrait of Najibullah Zazi, the 24-year-old Afghan immigrant who prosecutors accused this week of training with al Qaeda in Pakistan and conspiring to launch a bombing attack in America using beauty supplies. According to the Times, Zazi was raised in Queens, where he was known growing up for his love of Islam and basketball. He struggled in high school and dropped out to help his father make money, eventually working as a vendor-cart operator in Lower Manhattan. “He was a dumb kid, believe me," one older relative told the Times. “He was well-spoken,” one customer told the Times. “He always said good morning to everyone. He used to memorize what everyone needed in the morning.”