Watchdog Issues Second Call for Devin Nunes Ethics Probe After Daily Beast Report

An ethics watchdog has renewed its call for an investigation into House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes after a Daily Beast report revealed Trump lawyer Michael Cohen received inside info from the California Republican’s Russia probe. Last week, the Campaign for Accountability filed an ethics complaint against Nunes after the New York Times reported the Senate Intelligence Committee believed House Intelligence Committee Republicans leaked text messages between Sen. Mark Warner and a lobbyist for a Russian oligarch to the press. This week, The Daily Beast revealed that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen received inside info from the House Russia investigation, suggesting that some individuals working on it may be trying to covertly assist one of the president’s closest confidante. “Committee members and staff are abusing their positions of public trust in an effort to create a false narrative aimed at discrediting their political enemies,” CA Executive Director Daniel E. Stevens said, citing both reports. “This is the epitome of unethical conduct, and the House must take action to end it immediately.”