William Morris Salaries Leaked

How much do Hollywood's fastest talkers make? Multi-millions, if a leaked memo detailing top William Morris agents is to be believed. William Morris, which recently merged with fellow talent agent megalith Endeavor, listed the 2007 salaries and stock options of 11 heavy-weight agents in a fax that was summarily forwarded to The Wrap. Reportedly handwritten by CFO Irv Weintraub and faxed by former William Morris motion-picture co-head John Fogelman, the document explains that Weintraub made $4.25 million in 2006 and pegged super-agent Mark Itkin with a take-home income of $4.5 million. William Morris' highest earner was Jim Wiatt who made $7 million, followed by Dave Wirtschafter who scored $6 million that year. "It's the cash rewards to the top earners at the agency that shed little-seen light on the inner doings of Hollywood's agency world," The Wrap explains. It also allows for some juicy speculation on the new William Morris Endeavor—if Ari Emanuel's Endeavor managed to take over the clearly lucrative William Morris, then Ari's coup could be even more meaningful than previously imagined.