11th Man Arrested in Gay-Bashing Attack

An eleventh man wanted in the gay-bashing gang attack in the Bronx was arrested on Thursday, according to police. Luis Garcia, 26, was taken into custody for his role in the October 3 abduction of a 30-year-old gay man, whom the group burned and sodomized with a plunger. The homophobic group, who call themselves the Latin King Goonies, also assaulted two teens and another man. Garcia allegedly wrapped a chain around his fist and punched the 30-year-old man in the face twice during the attack. Meanwhile, the group’s alleged ringleader, David Rivera, did not make a good first impression on one of the victims’ family members when he appeared in court Thursday. “He smiled like the devil smiles,” said Rebecca Diaz, 24. The defendant’s lawyers, on the other hand, claim their clients are innocent. “Please stop running to judgment,” said Sanders Dennis, who is defending Idelfonso Mendez, one of the alleged attackers. “Stop making him a monster.”