8 Florida HS Athletes Could Be Charged for Hazing

Police have recommended that eight members of the Cooper City High School baseball team be charged for an alleged hazing incident that occurred during a road trip earlier this year, WPLG-TV reported on Monday. According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, a male student claimed to his mother that five teammates came into his room during a tournament in Altamonte Springs, and attempted to pull his underwear down before he fought them off. However, he said, he’d earlier witnessed the same players hold down another teammate and “put their fingers up his butt,” and had heard of another student having a Gatorade bottle put up his anus. Additionally, the complaint said, when another teammate attempted to complain to the team’s coach, he allegedly replied, “It’s just baseball, keep it to yourself.” That coach has since left the team. The eight teens could face charges of simple battery, false imprisonment, and sexual battery.