Alex Jones: Orlando a False-Flag Attack

Radio host and professional conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has a new one to add to his list: Sunday’s massacre at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Gunman Omar Mateen, who killed 49 and left 53 wounded, may have been born in New York, but Jones says he’s part of “the tsunami of the Islamic invasion.” In a YouTube video posted Sunday evening, the founder called Mateen’s shooting rampage “a false-flag terror attack.” “Our government and the governments of Europe allowed these huge hordes of radical jihadis in, and have even allowed them in without vetting them on record, landing at airports across the country and not even checking their passports, IDs, or visas,” he said. “Our governments are bringing these people in, and they’re allowing them to operate openly in our society, so they can attack us, and then have our freedoms taken.” The government let Mateen’s attack happen, Jones says, “so they can then say, ‘Oh, we’ve gotta pass laws and hate laws, banning your speech, because you’re making the Muslims angry,’ or, “Oh my gosh, we’ve gotta other pass hate laws to deal with right-wingers and stuff, and we need your guns, of course, so you can’t protect yourself.”