Aurora Shooter’s Wife Escaped

The wife of a gunman who killed three in the second massacre to hit Aurora, Colo., leapt from her second-floor window to escape his murderous rampage before calling the police. Her husband, Sonny Archuleta, was spraying the house with bullets, according to his wife’s sister, Corinne Wurzbacher. “Stephanie said she couldn’t understand how the bullets missed her. She’s faced with all of this grief and guilt. He just went nuts. I don’t think he cared who he hit,” she said. “He was in a really bad state of mind that night. He was really low. It was a drug fit. He wasn’t right in the head. I can only think that they tried to confront from.” Archuleta killed his wife’s father, sister, and sister’s boyfriend before being killed by police after a six-hour standoff.