‘Balloon Boy’ Endorses Donald Trump

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has had a big week of endorsements from Sarah Palin, Jerry Falwell Jr., and John Rocker. And now, locking up the viral-hoax-star demographic, the business mogul has earned approval from Falcon “Balloon Boy” Heene, the teen who became famous as a 6-year-old, in 2009, when his parents fooled the media into thinking he was aboard an out-of-control hot-air balloon. Via his father Richard Heene, Falcon told Gawker: “[Trump] is a get it done guy while all of the other candidates will sit around doing nothing and collect a paycheck. Trump is a businessman and he will run the U.S. that way. Go check out Donald Trumps Victory Song called ‘Hellyeah!’” The song in question is one of many songs performed by Falcon’s metal band.