Brown’s Mea Culpa Project

Chris Brown, who allegedly attacked girlfriend Rihanna last month, may have gotten his arraignment pushed back, but he’d better move fast if he’s going to salvage his pop career. And that’s what he’s planning: The Chicago Sun-Times reports the 19-year-old singer will team up with Rihanna, who’s taken him back with some key provisions: to co-author a book about abuse and “go on a talk show whirlwind to speak directly to their fans and the general public.” As part of Brown’s plan, “Project Mea Culpa,” he’ll tell of his increasingly abusive behavior and partner with clinical experts. And what if Rihanna is abused again? Brown “has agreed to pay Rihanna ‘as much as $10 million’ and possibly more ‘if he as much as squeezes her arm the wrong way,’” says a source.