Clinton Threatens Militia Supporters

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a speech Thursday that the United States will "take action" against Eritrea if it does not stop supporting al-Shabab militants in Somalia, BBC News reports. Eritrea denies supporting the militants, whose goal it is to overthrow Somalia's government—the unrest has caused some 250,000 Somalis to leave their homes in the past three months due to fighting. Clinton also said that after talks with Somali President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed on the second day of her African tour that Eritrea's actions are "unacceptable" and that the U.S. intends to expand is support for Somalia's government. If al-Shabab made a haven in Somalia, Clinton said, "It would be a threat to the United States." Eritrean officials argue they in no way support the militants, calling the claims a "fabrication" of U.S. intelligence.