Cookie Dough Contains E. coli

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me...to get really, really sick. Last week, Nestlé’s pre-made cookie dough was recalled after 65 people in 29 states became sick from E. coli 0157, a deadly strain of bacteria that lives in the intestines of cattle and has been traced back to the raw cookie dough. But what was E. coli doing in the cookie dough to begin with? With this year's recalls of peanuts and pistachios, and pet food and spinach a few years ago, more and more foods are coming under serious scrutiny. "When I heard about the recall, I thought, 'Is nothing safe anymore?" said one consumer. "If bacteria have gotten into Nestlé's Toll House cookie dough, then everything is suspect." And so it is: the Danville, VA plant where the cookie dough was produced has been temporarily shut down, and at least 200 plant workers are going to be laid off.