Cynthia Nixon Challenges Cuomo to Televised Debate

In a series of tweets Monday morning, Cynthia Nixon, who’s running for New York governor, challenged Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) to a televised debate. “WABC and their partners have offered to host a televised debate between myself and Governor Cuomo....and I accept their invitation,” she said in a video statement. “I believe voters deserve to hear a frank and direct discussion of the real issues facing New Yorkers and the difference between my progressive vision for this state and Governor Cuomo’s centrist record.” “So what’s it going to be Andrew?” she continued. “Just you and me, on a stage?... One on one. No distractions. Nowhere to hide. Your move.” This comes after reports that Nixon’s family foundation donated to groups that endorsed her. Nixon claims she received more small donations in one day than Cuomo did in more than seven years.