Mommy Dearest

Daughter of 'Tiger Mother' Rebuts Critics

At least one person likes Amy Chua’s parenting style—or else is too afraid to say otherwise. As the hubbub over Chua’s controversial book on her aggressive parenting style, which she said was peculiar to Chinese mothers, continues, her 18-year-old daughter has taken to the pages of the New York Post to respond to her mother’s critics, penning her rebuttal in the form of a letter to her mom. “I admit it: Having you as a mother was no tea party,” Sophia Chua-Rubenfeld writes. “There were some play dates I wish I’d gone to and some piano camps I wish I’d skipped. But now that I’m 18 and about to leave the tiger den, I’m glad you and Daddy raised me the way you did.” Chua-Rubenfeld argues that her unusually strict upbringing really wasn’t as bad as it’s been portrayed—and that it gave her a special desire to live life to the fullest.