Elie Wiesel Rebounds

"We gave him everything, we thought he was God, we trusted everything in his hands," Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel said last month of being a victim of ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. Wiesel's loss of $7 million led to an outpouring of unsolicited support from admirers of the Holocaust survivor and of his charity, The Wiesel Foundation for Humanity. Two alumni of Boston University, where Wiesel has taught for over 30 years, launched an email campaign that they hope will spur one million people to donate $6 each, in honor of the six million Jews who died during the Holocaust. The Wiesels have also received two $100,000 gifts from long-time donors, one donation of $10,000, and a few $5,000 donations. "It's been very wonderful and reassuring in a way," said Wiesel's wife, Marion.