Flood Recedes

Fargo, North Dakota's Red River appears to have crested at 40 feet, well below forecasters' estimates, to residents' and FEMA's relief. On Saturday morning President Obama dedicated much of his weekly address to reassuring the troubled regions of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota that, even amid economic crisis, America would pull through to protect them. The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that, though the Red reached its highest level in recorded history, its level rested just over 40 feet all day, making it unlikely that the river will reach the epic 42-foot crest predicted for Fargo, or the even more epic 51-foot one predicted for downstream town Grand Forks. Nonetheless, Fargo's mayor says that residents remain in a state of emergency, as the high water is likely to last, "oh, six to eight days, and not until that river drops to six or seven feet will I feel totally comfortable."