Hairdresser: Palin's Hair Not Thinning

Sarah Palin's war with The New York Times continues: The Times reported last week that Sarah Palin's hairdresser and friend, Jessica Steele, said the governor was under so much stress before resigning that her hair was thinning and she needed "emergency help." On Sunday, Steele took to Twitter to set the story straight: "I am Sarah Palin's hairdresser in Alaska! The media is saying Sarah's hair is thinning this is a lie!!! I never said this and it's not true!" She added: "I have never spoken 2 Inside Edition or told any reporter at the NYTs that Sarah Palin's hair was thinning to the point of emergency! Liers! [sic]" Twitter supporters are suggesting Steele go to another media outlet to tell her side of the story.