James Murdoch Returns to Parliament

Back in the hot seat, but there most likely won't be any pies this time: James Murdoch returned to Parliament on Thursday to face questioning over the News International phone-hacking scandal. Murdoch said he had not been told of the hacking, despite earlier testimony by former News of the World editor Colin Myler and former legal chief Tom Crone. Murdoch blamed Myler and Crone for misleading the committee of M.P.s and said Crone ordered the surveillance of public figures for the News of the World. In one of the more blockbuster moments of testimony, Murdoch called M.P. Tom Watson's line of questioning "offensive," after Watson compared News International's tactics with the mafia. Since the last time Murdoch addressed Parliament, British police arrested a Sun journalist, Jamie Pyatt, and Murdoch said he could not rule out "any corporate reaction"—including closing the Sun, the sister paper of the now-defunct News of the World.