Joe Paterno Comes Under Fire

Two Penn State officials have resigned and will be in court after prosecutors say they lied to a grand jury investigating the university football team’s former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, for sexually abusing children. What, though, of Joe Paterno, the school’s legendary head coach? Paterno was told of the alleged abuse in 2002 by a graduate student who said he witnessed it; Paterno then went to athletic director Tim Curley—one of the two who have resigned—and told him. Law enforcement says Paterno did his duty in reporting the alleged abuse to a higher official, but he is still coming under fire for never following up, even after Sandusky apparently brought an underage boy to the football team’s preseason practices in 2007. “I understand that people are upset and angry, but let’s be fair and let the legal process unfold,” Paterno said Sunday in a statement.