Lori Berenson Returns to U.S.

American Lori Berenson returned to the U.S. on Tuesday after being arrested 16 years ago in Peru for aiding a terrorist organization. Berenson, the daughter of American academics, is still on house arrest until November 2015, but a judge said last week that Berenson could travel to the U.S. Berenson, who has a 2-year-old son conceived during a conjugal visit, has been a lightening rod in Peru, which is still deeply scarred by its 20-year war and many Peruvians associate Berenson with American intervention. Berenson has been ordered to return to Peru by Jan. 11, but many Peruvians worry she will not return. Upon her arrival to New York—her first time on American soil in 16 years—she simply greeted her parents and said “Thank you” to the swarming crowds and paparazzi.