Man Who Alerted Police of Times Square Bomber Running for Congress

The man who alerted police of a smoking vehicle in Times Square and ended up thwarting a potential terrorist attack announced Tuesday that he is running for Congress. Duane Jackson was selling knockoff handbags in Times Square on May 1, 2010, when he and another vendor spotted an idle SUV, abandoned in a no-parking zone, starting to smoke and police found inside the car a potentially powerful propane-and-gasoline bomb. Police later arrested Faisal Shahzad for the attempted terrorist attack, and Jackson even got a call from President Obama, something Jackson called “an epiphany.” Jackson, married with two children, is running in his native district in a district north of New York City, challenging Republican Nan Hayworth. A Navy veteran, Jackson said he also has 15 years experience in city planning and housing, including posts in New York City’s education and housing departments.