Beat the Press

Michele Bachmann’s Goon Squad

Republican candidates often don’t like the press, but Michele Bachmann is taking it to a whole new level. Politico says there are at least five incidents of political reporters claiming to have been pushed, shoved, and threatened with violence by Bachmann’s staff. Two of these incidents became their own news stories: ABC News’ Brian Ross was pushed around by Bachmann staffers, while CNN’s Don Lemon was pushed into a cart by Bachmann’s husband, Marcus. Fox News correspondent Steve Brown also was caught on camera telling a Bachmann bodyguard “Do not put your hands on me. Do not do it ever again.” And a foreign reporter tells Politico a Bachmann aide threatened to break his arm. (Bachmann’s camp denies the allegation.) Bachmann’s most aggressive aide is a former Secret Service agent who her campaign says has previously guarded presidents. “The No. 1 priority for us every single day we step out on the campaign trail is the safety and security of Michele Bachmann,” says the campaign's spokeswoman.